AHA Vitamin C Peeling Process

$225 per treatment

AHA Vitamin C Peeling Process
(with deep moisturizing treatment)

Reveal smoother, healthier and younger looking radiant skin.

This peeling process improves dry skin, lightens age and dark spots, lessens fine lines, nourishes and brightens skin’s surface. This peel can also help anyone suffering from acne, as it deeply cleanses pores and provides an anti-bacterial action to prevent them from reappearing. The acid found in Vitamin C also works as a bleaching agent that can help restore imbalanced skin tone and help fade blemishes.

Vitamin C is one of the best-known defenses against free radicals (such as pollution, sun rays, and cigarette smoke) that can cause your skin to lose elasticity and sag. As a result, your skin loses its ability to shed dead skin cells, causing a dull and uneven appearance. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant to neutralize these free radicals, by preventing them from oxidizing on your skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are mild, naturally occurring acids that help soften and remove the stiff, damaged cells on the skin’s surface. The combination of lactic and glycolic acids with vitamin c seamlessly work together to reveal smoother, healthier and younger looking radiant skin.

Skin Type:
This process is perfectly safe for all skin types and suitable for any age, with no recovery time like traditional peels. Virtually pain-free, the peel has a gentle tingling feeling from the ingredients penetrating the lower layers of the skin. Most results can be seen after one session, but it’s advisable as with a beauty routine to maintain results with multiple treatments.